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Your workers' compensation benefits are meant to cover all the expenses you incur related to your injury. There are four different types of benefits, outlined below. If you were seriously hurt at work and you need a lawyer, learn more about David A. Bolson.

Mr. Bolson has practiced in workers' compensation for 30 years. Our law firm has developed an excellent reputation among fellow lawyers and judges throughout North Jersey. For a free consultation to find out if we're the right firm for you, call 973-762-1600 or just contact us online. There's no risk and no obligation.

Workers' Compensation Benefits Cover Four Things:

1. Medical Bills

You receive compensation for your doctors' visits, treatment and any prescription drugs you might need — like painkillers and antibiotics.

2. Temporary Disability Benefits

If you can work even light duty, and your employer has light duty available, then you won't receive these benefits. But if you can't work, or there's no light duty available, then you're eligible. You'll receive 70% of your average weekly wage. You can only receive these benefits up to a certain maximum, determined by a few factors that we can discuss.

3. Permanent Partial Disability

If your injury causes any long-term disability or impairment, you will receive an additional award of compensation. The amount will be based on a doctor's assessment of the severity of your disability. It will be negotiated and finalized during your administrative hearing.

4. Future Medical Expenses

No matter how much progress you make in recovery, it's always possible that your condition will get worse and require future medical treatment. You can draw on this benefit until two years after your award of compensation. However, this time limitation can sometimes be overcome. We can discuss that with you at the appropriate time.

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