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When someone is injured at work, it sets off a legal process that lasts for months - maybe even years. If you were injured, keep reading to learn a bit about what you can expect as you pursue workers' compensation.

Rule #1: If You're Injured, You Will Be Compensated

If you're injured on the job in New Jersey, you will receive benefits. Every employer is required by law to carry workman's comp insurance. If your employer doesn't have insurance, they should be afraid, not you. New Jersey has a public fund to reimburse people like you. And employers who don't have insurance pay heavy penalties.

If you were injured on the job by someone who wasn't your employer, see our page on third party claims.

Phase One: Treatment, Reimbursement, Benefits

  • A workman's comp case begins by getting proper treatment and temporary disability benefits. Except for an initial emergency room visit, you have to see a doctor who's "authorized" by your employer.
  • Sometimes, those "authorized" doctors cause problems (remember, they're paid by the employers). For example, a worker may get sent back to work before they're ready. In those cases, it may be necessary to get a second opinion and appeal to a judge to secure proper treatment.
  • There may also be problems getting temporary disability benefits. While you can't work, you receive 70% of your salary. But sometimes, employers low-ball the original salary or forget to include overtime. Sometimes insurers miscalculate the right amount. Sometimes they drag their feet and need a little prodding. It is our job to make sure your benefits are paid correctly.

Phase Two: Obtaining a Settlement or Award

  • After your condition stabilizes, we'll prepare your case for an administrative hearing that will decide how much compensation you will receive long-term.
  • Our medical expert examines you, then reviews your records and issues a report. The report is shared by the judge and the lawyers for both sides.
  • At your hearing, we negotiate a final settlement based on the expert's report. If we can't settle your case, we will represent you at a trial before a workers' compensation judge.

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